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Posted on 6 December, 2016 at 5:25
Remembrance Day The nursery always respects this special day and the children made poppy wreaths and a small group of children visited the cenotaph to lay the wreaths and sing a special song we had learnt for the occasion. There is a display with photos in the nursery. Christmas Events Panto 25th November 2016 Christmas Nativity 14th December 2016 Santa Visit and Christmas 16th December 2016 We have now started our Rhyme Time Sessions for our younger children and their parents. Due to the limited space this is by invitation only. Zoolab will be visiting the Nursery Poppy room on 7th December with a selection of small creatures and insects for the children look at and learn about. The 2 year and 3/4-year-old grant will finish on Friday 16th December 2016 and will restart on January 9th 2017. Fun club will be open for school children from Monday 19th December 2016 to Friday 23rd 2016. If needed we can have Fun club sessions when we re-open 3rd January 2017, a lot of schools do not re-open until the 4th January 2017. We are organising a Christmas Hamper to raffle and would appreciate any seasonal donations. We will be decorating for Christmas soon and are always looking for decorations for the rooms if you have any you are not using or if you are updating. Thank you!

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